Sunday, November 21, 2010

Have I ever thought to give it up during the last 8 years?

My Ashtanga yoga practice.
Have I ever thought to give up my Ashtanga yoga practice? Not seriously.

Oh yes, there are these days where I want to stay in bed for the rest of my life, doing nothing else but reading one exciting novel after the other. Even lunch and dinner can take place in bed on these days. My window sill can serve as a table. Then I have enough from all the running around and activities I think I have to do. But these days do not happen so often.
Usually I like to get up when I'm well-rested and I love to be active.

Why have I not pondered seriously to give up this exhausting Ashtanga yoga practice?
Because I think there is no alternative to move. We have to move to feel good.

A negative approach:
Not in a month or so, but soon my body would become weaker again when I do nothing else but sitting at my desk. This has consequences for my daily life. It will soon become an effort to take the steps in the underground. I will get (even more) lazier to do all the chores that have to be done. Doing grocery shopping will become an effort.
I will become stiffer, which will have also consequences for my daily life. It will become difficult to turn around when driving a car to check if another car is passing by. I know a lot of people who have difficulties to put on their socks. Older people often have fear that they cannot stand up anymore when they fall.
But this is so because they do not exercise.

Danny Paradise once said in a workshop that we believe that life aggravates with age. This has not to be so. We can get older and we can stay fit but we have to do something. Practicing Ashtanga yoga is a possibility to stay fit.

A positive approach:
My Ashtanga practice enriches my life in many ways.
- The obvious result is that I got strong and flexible. It's fun to sit in lotus pose and to do all these wonderful crazy asanas.
- I got to know so many nice people via that activity and this around the globe.  The Ashtanga community is a community of interesting individuals, who like to share pics, videos, blogs.
- Whereever I am when I travel I can go to a studio and practice there.
- I always feel good after my practice. After Mysore classes I often have to smile so happily when I walk to the S-Bahn, that people turn their heads looking at me. They probably think I'm fallen in love and I am fallen in love - I'm in love with my Ashtanga yoga practice.

There is no alternative to move: My body needs it. I don't want that my life aggravates, but I also don't want to miss this daily joy that brings my practice into my life.

It needn't to be Ashtanga yoga. Why I love Ashtanga yoga is worth to write in my next post.

Picture: Dandasana.

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