Friday, November 05, 2010

Full vinyasa or becoming essential

1. I get up early, first action is to prepare a cup of black coffee for myself. On my way to the kitchen I pass by my PC and switch it on. I'm thinking: Today I will practice again full vinyasa. That way I can develop strength. Emotions arise: I simply cannot understand that full vinyasa is given up only because too many people showed up in Mysore classes. It doesn't need so much more time and the advantages are enormous. It feels so much better. To stretch from time to time is so good. The asanas are clearly separated, there is a beginning and an end. Psychological it's always as if I start refreshed the next asana. Ah, this topic is worth to fill 3 pages of my morning pages.

2. Later I update my facebook status: I'm planning what I will practice during Mysore class: Primary is on the schedule, full vinyasa, it feels so much better.

3. Twitter: Primary, full vinyasa, yep.

Picture: yoga off the mat, on the kitchen table. :)

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denise said...

hi ursula, I really like your picture in the kitchen!
I enjoy to read your blog everyday, I always learn something, thank you! reagards from a very rainy costa rica

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Denise.

I also love to read that you learn something from my blog. Btw, me too, I'm learning via observing and writing and practicing of course.

I'm fascinated from where my readers come. Greetings from Germany to Costa Rica.

gabriella said...

Hi Ursula, I am just getting into the full vinyasa thing after I read about it in Lino Mieles book. I discussed it with my teacher and she said htey do a full vinyasa class at the school in Rome from time to time. I tried it this morning and I included five or six but it made me really tired. I guess I will have to keep at it until I build up the necessary strength, which I will. But I did feel it was a beautiful thing to do , to dedicate your time and effort to the full vinyasa, i feel it makes your practice longer and your meditation deeper.

Keep up the good work on ur blog and all the best,

Gabriella, from Rome, Italy