Wednesday, November 10, 2010


I wanted to step on the mat and I wanted to be flexible at once a few years ago. I learned: it is not so.
It's work each time I step on my mat to heat the body and to bend it, to make it flexible with the help of the breath, the bandhas and with applying the correct technique: engaging the muscles and stretching.
My first sun salutations are always weak, stiff, I don't care anymore. Sometimes only my finger tips touch the floor. Then this is my limit. I'm sure that after 8 sun salutations my flat hand can touch the floor. The development pleases me.
With realistic expectations the practice becomes more joyful. Last but not least it's only necessary to give the best at every given moment. That's it.

My attentiveness has moved. I want to feel my limits (and push them a bit). I want to observe the breath. I don't compare anymore how my practice was yesterday or the day before yesterday. This makes every position, every practice to a unique experience.

After the practice my body is more flexible than in the beginning.
After each breath my body is more flexible. And then comes the night and the body becomes stiff again. Hahaha.


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