Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Supportive actions off the mat

Ashtanga yogini, blogger and fb-friend (:)) Claudia wrote an interesting blog post about unusual ways to improve your Ashtanga yoga practice. It inspired me to make my own list.

1. Food and beverages: What I eat and drink has a lot of influence on my practice. Some asanas like pashasana are not possible at a weight above 48 kg. I feel it in my joints when I had red wine the night before a practice. For me a vegan life style is best support for my yoga practice. Water IS delicious beverage.
2. Time management: In order to stay healthy we have to move our body on a daily basis. It needn't to be yoga. In my case I've found my passion, it's Ashtanga yoga. I need 2 hours approximately on a daily basis. With a daily job it was difficult to find time. This is often a point discussed in workshops: I have no time, aspirants say. If something is important we find time for it. When we fall in love we have time for this lover, i.e. In my case  I started going to bed early, at 10pm, I reduced my sleeping time to 7 hours and I got up at 5am. That's not all. I'm busy to simplify my life. Space clearing, reducing things i.e. makes my life easier and gives me time back.
3. Attitude: An optimistic attitude is supportive in life and also in yoga. It's worth to observe our self-talks.
4. Writing: It can be a journal or a blog, but writing on my yoga adventure helps me to stay motivated.
5. Pranayama: To exercise breathing separately supports my asana/vinyasa practice.
6. Medias: Reading yoga related books, watching youtube videos, writing and reading blogs are activities off the mat that are very supportive.
7. Yoga community: To meet yoginis in real life or online, to feel part of a community is very motivating.
8. A day off: Oh, this is a very important point. Sometimes the body needs a day of rest, the mind too. After a day off motivation is lively again.
9. Others: To sleep well, to take a bath or going to the sauna is supportive.

And what supports your practice off the mat, beside practicing one of the series?
Comments are welcomed.

Yoga Mala:

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Claudia said...

Ursula, love this post and thanks for the link!!! I actually have been thinking about it for my 32 unusual series... I will totally write that it was your idea and link to you too... I love lists, as you probably know... and this is such a cool topic, because it is critical we incorporate yoga off the mat :-)

Ursula said...

It starts often so harmless: we go to a yoga class and after a few years we have a different life style.
Yoga is not harmless.

Lists are good, easy to read. It requires thinking....:)
Your lists are great.

Tui said...

Hello Ursula, Just wanted to say "hi" to from one of your faceless blog readers. I've been doing a self-practice for about a year now (still very much a "beginner") and apppreciate so much hearing of your experiences with this lifestyle choice. This particular post was very supportive and timely, as I am about to commit to a daily practice - which will entail a very early wake! Arohanui (much love) Lisa

Ursula said...

Thank you Tui for commenting.

I think if we can see ourselves as beginners we don't stop learning: to cultivate a "beginners' mind" is surely fantastic.

It's a pleasure for me when I can support you with my blog, with my reflexions. It's worth to get up early. It's a habit, nothing more. Go early to bed, this helps. The morning practices are the best.
Stay strong...:)
Greetings from Germany.
Much love to you.

centrum1 said...

Easy to understand everyone.. Thanks a lot..

Ursula said...

You're welcome!

Krishna said...

Hi Claudia

Your list very much sync with my own interests .Thanks for providing the same .

Krishna said...

Sorry I addressed it to Claudia ,it should have been you i.e Ursula . However I take the opportunity to also thank Claudia for her lengthy list while your list was compact and I could resonate with all the points there in .

Ursula said...

Don't worry Krishna. :)
I think Claudia's list is excellent, mine, too......

Nice that you read both lists.

rhh said...

Claudia and Ursula,

I wished more blogs would offer advice such as this. Some days motivation comes in the form of list!!

Ralph from DeKalb

Ursula said...

You're welcome! :)