Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ashtanga yoga, primary today

I wonder if it's possible to be committed, to be ambitious and to be relaxed at the same time.

It was possible to give a lot of energy to my practice today. As so often the CD by Sharath helped me to start. After the standing asanas I switched it off. I prefer doing full vinyasas these days.

I look at my picture and wonder if it's possible to stretch the chin a bit more forward? I will try this the next time. Yes, my leg muscles are engaged, I don't want to cheat. The shoulders seem to be parallel. The position of the foot is excellent. The pose is called janu sirsasana A.

Next time I will think each time when I exhale: let go, let it happen.

The leg muscles are engaged, the face is always relaxed.

Life was never meant to be a struggle:

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