Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Bakasana B is one of the asanas of the second Ashtanga series that provokes fear. Bakasana B is a dynamic asana, one shall jump into this pose from downward dog. I fear to fall on my face and break my beautiful nose.
Lately I saw a youtube movie by Kino MacGreggor. She showed what can happen when we fall, see second picture. I must try this, I thought. I put a cushion in front of me, got into bakasana and fell forward. Great, I survived this. Then I tried again to get into the pose with a small distance that forced me to jump a bit. And? Angst again.

Usually I try this pose against a wall. I jump and balance on my hands first, torso is vertical. In order to get into that asana I have to move the shoulders forward, the knees must move to the upper arms. M told me to move the shoulders forward and he is right. This is the challenge. He demonstrated it and I saw that it is possible. It IS possible to get into this pose controlled.

Oh, this bakasana will remain a challenge for some time.

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Melita said...

i am struggling with just plain old bakasana. :) i started practicing it against a door (or my couch) to catch my head if i start to fall. one day, maybe 10 years from now (but hopefully a lot sooner haha) i will get it. :) thanks for the inspiration. hugs!!

Ursula said...

Yes, you will learn this pose, it won't last 10 years.

Try the following: Turn your hands to the middle, so that the fingers are 45° pointing inside. Bow the elbows, put the shin bone on the upper arms (which are almost parllel), go forward, lift the toes from the floor, balance with the fingers and you have it.
Go away from the wall.

Don't forget to engage your bandhas.
I'd say tomorrow this pose is yours.
Good luck. Hugs!

Shanna said...

I don't know which Kino clip you watched but if it is the one I am thinking of...notice that her second crow is not as high as the first one. How I learned to jump is to forget about the hips being high and having this perfect Yoga Journal Crow. Jump straight ahead into it and your crow will be flat looking, squat and low but then you can fix it when you get balance.

When you jump don't worry about lifting the hips if that makes since. Don't think of it as the same lift you use to jump through to standing or seated. Your hips don't go high. You jump straight forward.

Ursula said...

Thank you very much Shanna for your tip. I will try this for sure.
There seem to be 2 versions how to get into the pose. For me it is only important to be able to do it, somehow.

I'll keep you informed...:)