Tuesday, November 16, 2010

An analysis......

Where does the time go?
This is the question of all questions.
Yesterday I got up early, between 6am and 7am.
As usual I switched on my PC, checked my emails, conversed a bit. This is what I like to do. One reason why I didn't like to have a 9 to 5 job anymore was (and 9 to 5 is never true as it is without commuting time and without the extra hours that are expected) because I had no time for friends anymore. Lately I heard from a friend who also gave up his job, that due to a very demanding job he lost his wife (divorced), but also his friends, because there was no time anymore to meet or to exchange emails or to chat. I know what he was talking about. Now he works independently, gained a bit of weight (hahaha) is happy and stays in contact with his friends worldwide.

At 8:30 I left my home for yoga. Yepeee. Yoga is another reason why I don't want to have fixed working hours. I looked at my watch, yesterday I didn't talk much before yoga, but of course to change clothes takes some time. The next time when I looked at the watch it was after second series before navasana and it was 11am. That's how it is. From arriving to the studio till leaving it 2 hours go away, 2 wonderful hours. Navasana, changing clothes again, walking to the S-Bahn, getting home without delay of course and quickly it was almost 12. On my way home I stopped at a grocery store to get some food for E and me.
At home chores had to be done. E had left the home after me, so I had to make the bed first, put some things at the right places, prepared lunch for myself, ate healthy stuff and unhealthy stuff too. It's a good habit to clean the dishes afterwards, so I did that, too, brushed my teeth, and then I felt tired.

Yes, then I felt tired and I went to bed for a nap

I slept perhaps 30 min when the phone rang. First I thought this can only be E. I don't make so many phone calls anymore, but Monday is his very busy day. I was glad that I said my full name when I picked up the phone. I got a job offer. So I sent my updated cv. I was glad that I said I only wanted to work 30 hours per week. To work form 12 to 5 should be possible. Let's see what will happen, I'm indifferent as tax/law offices are the worst places to work for an accountant. I prefer companies. I'm always willing to get surprised, the yes is closer to me than the no. It's not necessary to make a decision at such an early phase. I was still tired and went to bed again. I didn't like to think, soon I slept again so incredible deep. I woke up at 4:30pm. OMG.

Black coffee brought me back into this world. I checked my mails, ha and met a friend online, conversed a bit, answered emails. The postman brought a parcel for one of my neighbours. Before I could do much E arrived at home.
I see there is a gap between 4:30pm and 7pm. I took a bath, this I can remember. The afternoon is the time where I must be prolific, 5 hours minimum. I strolled around with E after his dinner. I appreciate this time with him very much. This was it.

What I have not done was taking some yoga pictures of myself. I need those for my blog, this blog.
I haven't written anything. There is nothing really relevant I've done.

I told E during our walk how it happens that I have no time. He said I should enjoy it. Somehow I also do it. To feel pressure is something else. I'm relaxed which amazes me a lot. Life happens, I think. More prolific times will come. Please shall they come.
But there is also this part of me, that wants to create something, do something. I also have to!!! There is this little nagging part in me, that tells me again and again not to waste so much time doing nothing.

A possible structure of my day: Up at 6, on my mat for yoga at 9. Working hours from 3pm to 7pm. Reading time in the evening. I will set my alarm clock today. This schedule only has to become a habit, then it's easy to follow it.

I'm not lazy, the course not,  my days only need some modifications.


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Bettina said...

Hi Ursula,

I guess most people would prefer working less than 35 or 40 hours per week. But the reality is that most people cannot afford it because they have to earn their livings. This leads me to the question, how you manage this, Ursula. How do you manage to afford a quite luxury lifestyle while not going to work? I know this is a rather private question and you don't have to answer it. But I really have been wondering about this for quite some time now and I'm asking myself what I do wrong. I have to work full time for being able to travel a lot and so on. Please enlighten me.

P.S.: Don't take it personally, I'm just envious. Whatever the reason is, enjoy your lifestyle as long as possible.

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,
Firstly I live a very modest life.
Secondly I always invested in myself. Every year I went to a further education paid by myself.
I risked every year to change jobs when I could get more money. Many people are too lazy to apply for new jobs. They are glad with what they have. I never was. When you change jobs you get expertise and more money. Sometimes situation gets worse. This was often the case, btw, but I have nothing to regret. I cannot say, if I only had......
Last but not least I work now on projects that shall bring money. I'm not as prolific as I wished I was, but we Ashtangis don't give up so quickly.

Live modest, invest in yourself, risk something, live your passions.
I hope this answer satisfies you.
All the best for you.

LaMaga said...

I doscovered today your blog, amazing!

I fully understand your problem of Time :)

I work part time, just 25 hours pro week, otherwise I practice Ashtanga and study (for myself) Russian... I wish I could do more things but it seems impossible, I loose time without understanding how :(

I understand also when you say "modest life": people think that someone has a luxury life just because has time for himself but it's not right: it's really a question of modest habits. Me too I practice yoga almost every day in a wonderful studio, I have private lessons of Russian twice pro month, in January I'll go to India for 2 months...but yep, I'm only a part time "call center girl" living in Berlin and trying to follow her own passions.


Ursula said...

Hi LaMaga,
Nice to hear that you come from Berlin. I used to live there for 13 years.

Exactly so I feel: I have a luxury life because I have time for myself. I do not spend much money.

When you go to India, do you go to Mysore?
Write me and let me know what's going on in India these days. You find me on facebook as well.
I think you do very well my call center girl. Happy practices.
Greetings from the south of Germany.