Thursday, November 18, 2010

4 poems and a glass of red wine

With E I'm always a bit late. We arrived at the wine shop when it was already rather crowded. A few days ago I got an invitation via email: An actor should read 4 poems and a glass of red wine should be offered there. We got our glass of red wine, a fruity one already at the entrance.

Soon a man with white hair started talking to the guests: We learned that he painted 100 water colors. He went from shop to shop in the region where I live and asked shop owners to exhibit one picture. He had to negotiate with 400 business people. Finally he found 100 shops that showed his art. Applause.

Ah, I saw the woman who owns the Indian shop where I buy my sandal wood salt bath. I started talking to her. She was one of the 100 people who shows a picture in her shop.
In the meantime the actor was introduced. He started reading the poems with a loud clear voice. Very nice. Oh, the German language can be beautiful, too, I thought, and enjoyed the play with words.
The Indian shop owner woman has turned the back to us. I saw that her pullover had a lot of holes.
I moved close to E's ear: "Have you seen the holes in the pullover?"
He: "Yes."
Me: "Either she has no money at all, or she does not care at all."
He: "She probably does not care."

Oh and then I discovered a man (I've forgotten his name) on the other side of the huge table. I knew him from 2 parties at a common friend R. I waved to him, he seemed not to remember me. This happens really seldom, people simply remember me. This is not arrogant from my side, this is so. "Rita (name is changed)", I said over the table, "Rita". He didn't understand, so he came to us with his red jacket and red shirt. I remember this man very well. I have a good memory for people. Also at the second party at R he couldn't remember me. It was a New Year's Eve party. "Oh," I said to him at this New Years Eve party, "I remember you very well. Last time you came with your trumpet." Everybody was laughing. This was true, he started playing his trumpet as soon as he had entered R's flat at the first party. "Yes," a woman said," you were playing your shiny trumpet." More laughing. The round was frisky and everybody thought of his trumpet in his pair of trousers. You will remember me the next time, I thought that evening. But he didn't. This tells me that this man is only interested in himself and his message. He handed us a little brochure about alternative energy sources. This was the third time now, I love passionate people. Yeah, I love to see him at the next party, because with him E has a common topic: physics. We will push R a bit, she has room enough. The people who are invited at her parties are extroverted interesting people with so eccentric opinions, it's fun to be together.

Everybody who thought who was important was at that wine tasting/poem/art evening. The average age was rather old. Many people had grey hair, not everybody looked well-groomed. "We become an old society," I said to E. My grandma had the reputation to love young men. I fear I'll join her. Youth is always good-looking and sexy even when neglected. This changes with age.

But also E met someone he knew, a former colleague. We exchanged the story how it came that we were invited. Later E whispered in my ear: "He will wonder now how it comes that I have such a beautiful girl-friend."  Hehe.

Soon we left the society. On our way home we stopped at the Croatian restaurant to have a last drink there. We couldn't see a water color there.


rhh said...

Interesting outing. This will make an excellent short chapter in your upcoming book.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? Being an introvert I sometimes get confused regarding other people.

Ralph from DeKalb

Ursula said...

Shall one of my books also be a novel. I'd appreciate this.

What do you think, Ralph? Hahaha, do you really think I'm introverted????
This cannot be! Hahaha.

As I got to know you, you are able to approach people in a very charming way, so a part of you is extroverted, too. :)

Indeed, people are most interesting for me, I usually forbid myself to write about others, this time I made an exception.
Thanks for liking

Anonymous said...

do you have a cat ?

Ursula said...

No, I don't have a cat, but I love cats......:) One day perhaps I'll have a cat. Who knows.