Friday, October 29, 2010

What's the meaning of free will?

Ramesh giving a Satsang in Mumbai in his home.

I woke up so incredible early today: 4am. I tried to sleep at least till 5am. At 5am I got up and listened to some videos of Ramesh Balsekar.  This was the best I could do.

His videos and teaching makes me feel mercy with others and myself, too. Hahahaha. It's liberating to see that life happens.

Ramesh Balsekar in "Let life flow",  page 40: "One of the first things that happens with the sudden awakening is that the ego realises that its own programming contains a mixture of good and bad traits, positive and negative points. He himself is not perfect, and nor is anyone else. This realisation immediately brings about, along with the sense of brotherhood (or sisterhood, remark of me, hahahaha)a deep sense of tolerance for the human being - both himself and the 'other'."


Ramesh Balsekar - Let life flow


Krishna said...

Thanks for posting the satsangs of Ramesh Balsekar . I had read one of his books but this is the first time listening to his talk on Youtube .

Ursula said...

There are a lot of videos of Ramesh on youtube. It's worth having a look. He is not always easy to understand.