Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Too much partying.....

Oh, oh, not that I complain, not at all. It was an entertaining evening with E and his mother in this posh Chinese restaurant. Through our talks our relatives became lively again. The food was also interesting, so interesting that I cannot even describe what it was that I ate as a starter. It's for sure that there was ginger in it and carrots. As main course I had sweet potatoes with vegetables in coconut milk. Yepee, I still can eat with sticks.
I stop here, it's clear already. My practice will be difficult this morning. I go, yes I go. It's better to practice in a group. Oh, I just convinced myself to go to the beloved Mysore class. Simply doing it, shall be enough.

Soon my E will be on a business trip, then I can return to a more modest life, to bread and water and tomatoes. Hahahaha. Oh, I'm late already. I must move.

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