Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time and Ashtanga yoga

We all have the same amount of time available. Nobody gets an hour more or less, also not the holy ones among us, neither the hypocrites.

I got up at 7am this morning. I remember a time when I got up at 6am. Now it's 7am. At 8:30 I will leave my cosy home. Till then I have updated my blog, I have checked Emails and what my fb-friends and twitter-people have done over the night. I have showered, had my coffee and a little breakfast. I write my private journal often later nowadays. It's often the afternoon.

A bit after 9am I start my yoga practice 3 times a week. I have the opportunity (so thankful for this) to go to a Mysore class. I need 90 min minimum for my practice. Also when we yoginis don't go for lunch together afterwards, I'm usually at home after 12. Hungry and tired I'm by then. I have to do grocery shopping and I have to eat. Often I buy a sandwich for myself, sometimes I have lunch outside, sometimes I prepare something for myself. I have to eat, I cannot omit this. Time flies, time flies. I'm alwys shocked when I look at my watch. What have I done so far, I wonder. Not much is often the answer that I have to give myself.

Sometimes I am tired after the yoga practice and the lunch, then I take a nap. No chores are done so far.
I'm up at 3am again, when I nap. I sleep very deeply. I need some time to arrive mentally on this earth.

Then I could start being prolific. 4 hours are left till E will come home. I'm glad now to see that I have at least 4 hours. I have always the feeling that I do not have time at all. Nevertheless I want to have 6 hours.

I wondered if Ashtanga yoga is too time-consuming. I don't think that it is too time-consuming to do a good work-out 90 min every day. Cummuting time must be added. Yes. When I practice at home I usually need some time till I'm on my mat. This is part of it.

Oh, oh, when I worked for companies. I got up at 5am in order to have time for a yoga practice before work. It was never 90 min. It was perhaps 1 hour that I was on my mat. I omitted asanas, vinyasas, but I practiced. I had no commuting time, but of course less intensive practices, because I was alone always.

To get back to the habit to get up at 6 could be a good idea. At 12 my "spiritual" practices should be finished. I so don't want to give up my current life style. Something must happen. Time is precious.

Time to shower, time to wake up E, time to move on.


Debb said...

I love this post as a reminder for discipline for the things that truly matter.. I often hear people say "I don't have the time to exercise", BUT, as you say, we ALL have the exact same amount of time in a day - 24 hours. Ashtanga yoga is the BEST part of my day, it gives me energy, it refreshes me, and it balances and centers me. Thank you for sharing your gift of dedication to Ashtanga.

Ursula said...

I don't want to miss it either. It's really for us.
Very nice to read that you are sooo committed, too.

Quentin said...

Even. Sharath Jois at one time did not have daily practice, body in great pain and at other times rebelious, but I am glad to hear he does daily practice now. K. P. Jois when retired and began teaching out of his home had a bicycle accident and quit doing daily practice devoting all time to family and teaching, but he got up early for pranayama and prayers prior to the morning classes that began at 4:30 AM. Thanks for your posts and encouraging me to take pictures of my progress, which helps tremendously in home practice and teaching.

Ursula said...

Hi Quentin, I'm glad to hear that pic help you. It's amazing what a pic can show.
It's not only vanity in my case to take them....hahahhaha.

Marina J said...
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Quentin said...

Yes the pictures help improve. When one posts the pictures, it takes courage. We all have an image without pictures what our pose looks like. It is best to imagine a perfect pose, even though there is much need of progress. So look at our pictures visualizing one day the perfect pose.
I look at the yoga Mala pictures of Sharath and strive to look like him, except for the warrior poses of him and P. Jois. I was taught to keep knee directly over the ankle or behind preventing knee damage. Also I have noted certified Ashtanga teachers show pictures with the rear foot not grounded on all four corners, for example P. Jois second surya namaskara, 7th vinyasa in Yoga Mala. And I question if P Jois wrote the entire Yoga Mala noting verbage for the poses differing from that shown in picture, for example first surya namaskara, 5th vinyasa. Are knees on mat or they off floor? I believe P Jois taught to keep knees on floor, but later the family changed it to knees off floor. D. Swenson says either is OK. D. Williams says knees on floor as taught by P Jois. I noticed that many keep knees on floor at the Ashtanga Yoga studio I go for class occasionally. Personally I do not see benefit of placing knees off floor and supporting only with top of toes and palms. Many certified teachers from Mysore have opposite views on this. Maybe it depends upon when they went for training and who taught them.