Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Staying cool, yoga gives the tool.

Staying cool, yoga is the tool.
How is that?
Because I focus on the breath when I practice Ashtanga yoga and all the other mainly self-made issues are out of my mind, a mind that likes to worry, that likes to paint a dark future.
Urdhva dhanurasana does not allow me to think of anything else but to lift my body up.
To concentrated on what matters like the breath, like the current moment, is so relaxing. It's so cool, baby.

Mysore class is on my schedule this morning. I had an excellent practice yesterday, slow with some breaks to relax, but excellent. The past never repeats. It can be even better today.

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rhh said...


Very nice picture. Is this your living room?

Ralph from Dekalb

Ursula said...

Hahahaha, Ralph, this is a 5 star hotel in Portugal. My own living room is much more modest. I'm happy with my place here. :)