Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Second series, this was new to me......

This was new to me: When practicing second series, one can stop the standing sequence after utthita parsvottanasana. M told me this yesterday. This makes second series a bit shorter. I need 2 hours when I practice everything. Second series has 7 asanas more in the middle part than primary.

Yesterday I read what Matthew Sweeney wrote about it. He said the same, but recommended to do all the standing poses, because the next three standing asanas after utthita parsottanasana are demanding.

- In Mysore class class I prefer to have more energy for the demanding asanas of the middle part. I'll do the short version from now now.
- At home I'll go on as usual, as I mainly practice with the CD by Sharath. I won't switch it off in the middle of the standing asanas. At home I also don't wobble so much because I'm not surrounded by fellow yoginis who move. Then it's more fun to do all the balancing asanas.


Anonymous said...

I like reading when i can what you practice and because you are a woman (like me) I feel i shall ask i have trouble with my knees from practicing asthanga hardout maybe 3 years ago and i have have slowed my pace continuing and loving asthanga but also doing other forms - do you ever get knee clicking or any knee quirks in Urdhva Dhanurasana (upward bow) or Ushtrasana (camel) I am just curious of issues experienced if any - thanks heaps!!

Ursula said...

Good morning,

I never had knee issues. When I practice urdhva dhanurasana I use a strap to have the legs parallel.

Otherwise I engage the leg muscles. This protects the knees.

Practice with care....

I remember now when I started yoga the outer side of the knee hurt when I did virabadhrasana, but it disappeared after some time of practicing. I only fear sudden pain. The pain that occurs here and then is necessary to stretch, but anatomy must be respected of course.

I am relilient....take care.