Saturday, October 16, 2010

Primary - foot postion

The wall or a block can help to get a feeling of the correct foot position in the asanas of the primary series of Ashtanga yoga. Often the foot of the stretched leg tends to move outwards or the toes point forward.  When the stretched leg is engaged it's easier to keep the foot in the upright position.

There are so many forward bending asanas that it's worth to take care of this "detail".

Equally important are the shoulders. They are supposed to be parallel.

There are no special hand positions. One hand holds the wrist of the other. The fingers touch each other, also the thumb. The hand is straight and in one line with the arm.

I think the chin is supposed to be on the shin. More is not yet possible for me. I'm glad that I can move my body forward so far. I remember a time when I was already happy when my arms could bind.

Dristi is the foot. To look forward with a relaxed front shall be OK. Once a reader commented that it's not necessary to see the foot, but to look in that direction. This makes sense for me. (Again I learn from my picture, I cannot see that I look forward, mmhhhhhh).

It's Saturday, but I want to practice today and might it be for half an hour. We drive to my parents today and this means we'll enjoy very good food. Very quickly it's a bit too much. Hahahaha. So, I think to move my body also on Saturday is not such a bad idea. On Sunday I won't have time to practice.

One of my favourite Ashtanga books:

In the book pictures of 4 series can be seen. Ashtanga yoga has 6 series. Does anybody know where I could see the other series? I'm simply curious.


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Thank you so much Quentin, for a link that shows the fifth and sixth series...:)