Friday, October 22, 2010

On inhaling.....

A few days ago I sat on my Indian blanket, ready for pranayama and meditation. Usually I use a timer, 10 min meditation is enough for me. Suddenly I had the idea to measure how long exactly my breaths are, inhaling and exhaling. What a surprise. My inhaling was still shorter than my exhaling.
It's so easy to prolong the exhaling.
It's so difficult to prolong the inhaling.
The end of my capacity is quickly reached when I inhale. To inhale a bit more than usual, opens the chest. It is possible.

I will repeat this exercise: Meditation clocks don't lie. Inhaling shall have the same length than exhaling. And I want to prolong the breaths. First I will try it with 5 sec, 1 sec pause, then with 6 sec and so on. The breath is so important. It's worth to have a closer look.

Perhaps it's also the breath that improved my urdhva dhanurasana. I'm very optimistic today, that I'll be able to come up one day. My practice was awesome today, really awesome. I sweated a lot. I did full vinyasa. I didn't forget to engage my muscles. So many yogis and yoginis showed up. This is so much energy. What a morning.
I will find a solution that I can go on with that luxury life style. I will!!!!!!!!!!!!

A hot bath shall relax my muscles now. The right leg is still not 100% OK.

Feel free to share your experiences with your breath. Comments are always welcomed.

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Have a fantastic weekend.


Quentin said...

I re-timed breath cycles per minute and this time after the practice at home I took 8 breaths for the 60 seconds. My exhales are longer, but I did not note the length.
Arjuna adivsed that I have tendinitis on os ischii after I described the symptoms, so my right leg is not 100% yet. I have noticed practice of the second series helps, but driving long distances aggravates the discomfort. Warm salt baths are good as well as physical therapy contracting the quad muscles. Maybe one day I will visit a message therapist

Liza said...

It's funny that you picked this topic today. During practice I was also noticing how my inhale is not as long as my exhale. I can get it pretty close but not the same. Sometimes when I try to lengthen my inhale I catch my breath a little and hold it. It is like my body is so used to being tight in that way that it tenses.

Interesting to pay attention to and think about.


bindithug said...

to me the breath is everything. FAR beyond asana.

OldBoy said...

Hi i love to go thru your blog