Monday, October 18, 2010

The new airport.....

The new airport was found quickly. Within 10 min more than 5 birds checked the new place, had some lunch there and flew away, only to return very soon. Or were these relatives who showed up? I wonder if these little birds have Internet access, so quickly the message was spread that a new restaurant at the airport has opened. Also black birds were seen. The party was soon in full swing.

In full swing was also the birthday party inside. My father celebrated. Everybody was happy. Much laughing and eating happened.

This morning I couldn't resist and I stepped on the scales. I haven't done this for a long time. I wasn't interested and I also know my weight when I touch my belly. The result didn't surprise me this morning. One meal followed the next at my parents home: first breakfast, then lunch, then coffee and cakes, then dinner. It was all so delicious. I got seduced.
Back to tomatoes and apples now. Those who want to be slim must start loving tomatoes.
Oh my pashasana will be difficult today. So good that I have the time to move my body.
The attitude "it's all doable and pure joy" will help me and bring me through the second series at the Mysore class.


Liza said...

Hello again Ursula, it is Liza. I am wondering if you have a post about transition out of primary into second series and how that process unfolds?

I searched your blog but it's hard to know what you would have tagged that post with.

Thank you, as I always say, I enjoy your yoga blog very much.


Ursula said...

Hi Liza,
Thank you for commenting. The transition from primary to second is a good topic to write about. Give me some time.

Today my yoga teacher told me that I can do after utthita parsvakonasana at once pashasana. The standing sequence is shorter then, when practicing second series. I appreciate this. Second series lasts 2 hours and I need energy for the later asanas.
I distracted, but yeah, thanks for the topic.

Liza said...

Yes, getting to stop at parsvakonasana must be nice. You used to do full primary before second series poses, yes? Then, slowly add second series poses onto end of primary series.

I am interested in this process for myself but also just for the knowledge.

I will give you time. :)

Ursula said...

Exactly so is it. And when you do karandavasana already, you omit primary totally. Then you do second only and you add one asana after the other.

Btw, the process is very well described in the book by Matthew Sweeney (page 14). I just reread this chapter. I highly recommend this book.
Happy practices, asana by asana. :)

denise said...

so lovely the bird house! I can imagine how happy all birds will be having this nice place to eat and meet together with other bird friends.