Monday, October 11, 2010


It's better to have a lousy practice than no practice at all.
It's better to jot down some sentences even though there is not much to say than writing not at all.

It is Monday today also for yoginis. Between my led class yesterday in the evening and the morning Mysore class today is only the night. This is perhaps a bit short for the body to recover. I felt stiff today. Second series is also so much more demanding.
When it's difficult to move I change my approach. Instead of trying to improve a pose, I'm simply happy when I do it. I focus even more on my breath. I stop judging. Sometimes this is better than to have any intentions. Only when I do urdhva dhanurasana all my available energy is used to do it.

When I arrived at home I felt like taking a nap. I couldn't resist and I slept, it was the sleep of an exhausting body. And I so want to feel refreshed after my practices, but I often feel like sleeping. The savasana pose shall refresh the body after a yoga practice I read in the book by B.K.S. Iyengar. I seldom feel refreshed, I often feel like sleeping.

To practice a few asanas in the evening in addition to the morning practice is still in my mind. Perhaps it happens today. Practicing a few asanas, pranayama and 10 min meditation is my idea. This would be a nice evening routine.

Picture is taken in the English Garden in Munich. It's a most beautiful autumn here, cold and sunny.

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