Friday, October 29, 2010

Let it flow......

I was already in the tram between my home and main station on my way to the Mysore class when I realized that I had forgotten to put my yoga clothes in my handbag. To return to my home would have meant to lose a lot of time. This morning I had written about Ramesh Balsekar, I mentioned a book title "Let it flow". This was still in my mind. Let it flow, I thought, yoga clothes will come to me on time. Despite the early time one clothes shop had surprisingly open at the station.
"Do you have also sportswear?" I asked. And they had sportswear. Quickly I bought a pair of trousers and a t-shirt without trying it on. 20 Euro cost everything, which is nothing. Next opportunity to get yoga clothes would have been in the studio. But there I had to spend much much more money. Let it flow, I thought. Things get delivered on time.

Let it flow.

.......and eat vegan.

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Quentin said...

Let it go, let it go, let it go. remaining aware and awake. Here in the states we have Wal-Mart and/or Sam's warehouse. Sometimes I go to small specialty yoga boutique avoiding large crowds at discount stores. 20 euro is 27.7160 dollars with tax, about $30?

Ursula said...

Wow, I was astonished now about the exchange rate, but it is true.

I usually buy quality. But a few weeks ago I bought new yoga clothes. I didn't need new ones. Openen hours of the shops here are totally different than in the US.

OldBoy said...


Tracy said...

God you Inspire me! (meaning you this time, not God) :~)

Ursula said...

Thank you Oldboy.

Thank you Tracy.
So it shall be....:)