Sunday, October 10, 2010

Led class this evening

My yoga week has begun. It started with a led class this evening.

Focus was the breath and the other yoginis (just a little joke). Focus was the breath of course.
- Inhaling is as long as exhaling.
- The breath initiates the next movement.
- There is this little pause between inhaling and exhaling.
- I also try to prolong the inhaling. Much deeper inhaling is possible than I thought. A deep breath is necessary to come up from urdhva dhanurasa.
- To have a long deep inhaling is in some asanas easier in other asanas more demanding. The challenge is to inhale also deeply when the upper body is twisted or when the upper body is bent backwards. I have still potential to make the breath longer. I'm working on prolonging the breath. This will probably make my practice longer. Good that I have time. What a luxury.

My body is prepared for second series tomorrow morning.

Picture: This afternoon we were in front of the Glypthotek again to enjoy the sun. Music was there and we watched the runners (marathon). It's amazing how many people even older than me do marathon.
I'm happy with my Ashtanga yoga, very happy. Each year that I practice it, I like it more.

Have a relaxed evening. Peace out for today.


Marina J said...

I'm also happy with my Ashtanga yoga, very happy. I do it regularly. I like it more.

Ursula said...

It's a very balanced practice.

James said...

My day starts with inhaling and exhalin too.And it has so much positive effects throughout my whole day.Mind feels refreshed and healthy.I started doing yoga in yoga classes and now have become much expert in it.