Sunday, October 03, 2010

It's twelve breaths in one minute

I counted the number of breaths (inhaling-exhaling equals one breath) that I do in a minute.
(Ram wanted to know this.)
I remember that I've counted my number of breaths years ago and I found out that I needed 15 breaths in a min. This morning I counted 12 breaths. It's possible that my breaths became deeper over the year.
- Perhaps it's a few less breaths because I was sitting in a calm position, it was half an hour after I left my bed. 
- After an exhausting practice it's likely that my body needs more than only 12 breaths in a min.
Nevertheless I think it can be an orientation.

Two minutes headstand is recommended as the minimum time. It's possible to set a timer, it's also possible to count. I'm quickly bored when I'm in sirsasana. To count the breaths helps me to stay in this position. It's sort of concentration exercise. I have the feeling that my breaths are shorter when I'm upside down. But I'll test this the next time.

How often do you breathe in a minute?



Ram said...

It's heartening to learn that you have improved your breathing. If you practice Pranayama on regular basis you can improve further. Next time I would like to see you breath 10 breaths a minute. The lesser you breath the greater you survive. Therefore, I won't be surprised if you break the record of your grand parents by living past them 100+ right?

Simplicity said...

Hello again...

Since you asked, I had to check in my practice...

In padmasana in the closing sequence i take five breaths in a minute (eh? I'm quite surprised, -I thougt it was more)...

Is that all right? Is it too few? I don't know.. But i know I have a rather slow breathing... (big lungs, or..? *L* No... hardly...)

But in the challenging exercises it will be more frequent, of course... i haven't counted...

Have you checked after you have practiced hard or before?

Have an nice Sunday!

Quentin said...

regarding headstand...if over 50 years, as I am, of age, not recommended at all; do handstands and other inversions using forearms, hands instead. The neck vertevrae are more sensitive and tend to dissolve with age and overuse. Time/motion are one of causes of disease of the body, both of these affect the neck.

10 breaths per minute and resting pulse 47.

Ursula said...

Dear Ram, yes pranayama IS on my schedule. The breath is so important.

Ursula said...

Dear simplicity,
I counted my breath after some time up, before having practiced, before having moved a lot, but I was awake.

5 breaths in padmasana - I'm amazed.

I think that I need a few more breaths when I'm in sirsasana, I'll check it.

Yes, lovely Sunday here.
Deep breathing...

Ursula said...

Dear Quentin,

I try not to have the weight on my head when I'm in sirsasana, but on my arms. A bit of weight will surely be also on the head when I will learn the sirsasana variations of second series.

10 breaths per minute sounds good to me.

Thanks for your recommendations.

Quentin said...

As you know I am 61 practice Ashtanga Yoga for Life, but had early training at Sivananda Yoga Ranch TTC, where the basic 12 poses, first one is headstand. I learned doing the 8 count method, which is slightly different from Ashtanga with not as many counts getting into full Sirsasana pose. I am comfortable doing headstand and advanced variations, but have not managed to stay up long in handstand away from wall, only staying up a few seconds. There are many benefits of inversions, but staying in it for 30 minutes as taught at Mysore for advanced students is foolish. Most of the advanced are over 50, or are they?

Ursula said...

Hi Quentin,
I'm always astonished how many people above 50 practice yoga. The majority is surely much younger.

Only very few are in headstand for 30 min.
For myself I'll be happy to prolong it to 5 min. I'm sure I won't hold it so long every day, but to be able to do it is a goal for me. To be 30 min in that pose is boring, then I prefer to do pranayama.
It's nice to read how committed you are.
Happy inversions

Marie said...

Sitting at my desk right now, fairly calm, but having moved around, I count 6.5 breaths in one minute.

That's my natural breath, semi-deep but not prolonging.

I'll have to count in a more active phase of practice.

I do notice that whenever I go to the doctor and they check my lungs, they are impatient for me to breathe more quickly. Am I slow???

Lots of love,

Ursula said...

Wow, this really seems to be not much. I admit, I used to smoke, I'm glad that I need less breaths in a min than years ago. This tells me that my lungs have recovered. 6,5 breaths is great. :)