Monday, October 04, 2010

It's time to bend....

2 days in a row I didn't practice. It was relaxing. Yesterday I stretched myself a bit in front of the TV. Usually I sit on the floor when I watch TV, so it's easy to stretch forward into paschimottanasana and other forward bending asanas. Lotus pose can be done easily as well. Yeah, but this is not a decent yoga practice. This does not count.

I'm curious how my body will feel today. Second series is on the schedule.

Yesterday the weather was so good, so sunny and warm. I wanted to go out as soon as possible. E and me went to the Nymphenburger Schlosspark. One practice a day shall be enough I thought. Then I missed the led class in the evening. I thought it would start at 5pm, but it is 4pm. This tells me that I must improve my organizational skills. Important.
It's over. Today is a new day.

Picture is taken in the Nymphenburger Schlosspark in Munich. It's a place that I like a lot.

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