Monday, October 25, 2010

It's endless....

Clutter, again this topic is on top. It has to be. I feel as if I'm always behind of everything. There are even a few things where I've missed deadlines. It is not a good feeling, that my taxes are not yet done.

I have to make difficult decisions right now: Do I really need this yogurt machine? Do I really need two blenders. The one I've bought from my first salary 30 years ago. How romantic. I have also 2 kitchen scales. One has a bowl the other not. I could use the bowl, I think, but I have also too many bowls, I guess up to 10. They are of different sizes of course and of different beauty. This all adds up.

I just returned from the dressmaker. This jacket that slept in my wardrobe for years (5 or so) either had to go or I had to get the sleeves shortened. Sleeves shorter is the better idea, I thought. I'm very curious now if I'll dress this jacket once the sleeves are shorter.

Big issue still is the goods that I bought for my online business in 2005. All the bags and carpets that are in my storage room, but also in my living room, because the storage room was too small. This stuff needs space, but serves for nothing. I must buy something so that I have something to sell, I remember, I thought when I wanted to make money with EBay and my own online shop. One day huge parcels came and then my rooms smelled of these new cotton bags and carpets. I found jobs again, my business was sleeping, I had no time. Always this lack of time. The carpets are still here and I'm so sure they won't walk away. When I don' t do anything with it, they will accompany me till my last hour here on earth. I know a shop that sells similar goods, perhaps I can sell them. Action. Tomorrow. Today it's too late.
In addition, this shop reminds me of a not so successful enterprise. Better to get rid of it.

I NEED SPACE. I NEED ROOM for new things.

There is also clutter on the PC. A few days ago I deleted all emails that I've sent on yahoo and google. Of course I have two accounts. Lately I learned how automatically the yahoo mails are directed to the google account. What progress. Yep a start is done here, too.

I'm currently reading a book: Stop clutter from stealing your life by Mike Nelson. A good book btw. I have of course more than one book on that topic here. But this one is good, too. This man knows what he is talking about. And stuff is stealing my life, too. Today I didn't go to the Mysore class, I knew I had to attack this stuff problem. Stuff. I attach feelings to stuff. I know better targets.

And now I know: the yogurt machine has to go. I don't think that I will ever replace it. One blender has to go, too.

How many salad servers do I need? I will reduce it to two: the one from South Africa I will keep and the silver ones. Sigh.

I'm so glad that I do not live in a house, but in a rather small flat. This alone sets limits already.

How is it with you? Have you too many things?


Ann said...

What a good post. Last week, my son and I took a car load of mostly clothes to our local second hand store. What a great feeling to be shed of these useful, but not-being-used-here items. I also hate clutter, but seem to accumulate it.

I have a great yogurt recipe that doesn't use a machine, if you're interested. It's quite easy.

Ursula said...

Thanks for your comment.
I was not even sure if I should publish this post.

My Ashtanga yoga needs so much time, it forces me not to be so distracted in other areas, too.
I need to focus on things (better actions) that matter.
And perhaps this post is more yoga related than it looks at first sight.
Thanks for your recipe. I buy my soy yogurts round the corner. I won't do yogurt for me only. But thank you so much.
Have a great day.

Ann said...

Yoga does need much time. I read your post again, thinking about it more with yoga in mind, as you suggest that there is more to it than meets the eye.

It's my pleasure to suggest the recipe. Thanks.

Ursula said...

My yoga thoughts were:
Focusing on what is essential, the breath, things we need.
Energy: not losing energy by doing redundant movements. Cleaning things I don't need, is a waste of time and energy.

Please, if it's not too time-consuming, I'd like to get your yogurt recipe....:)

Ann said...

Thank you for clarifying your post. It's really perfect for this time of the year. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, fall is the time for letting things go to make way for introspection. So, really a timely post.

I realized that you use soy and not milk. I think that you could use the same method with soy milk, though. You can make a quart or a gallon at a time. It just depends on how much you use.

You'll need a starter culture (the ingredients should read "live or active cultures") of soy yogurt. Plain soy yogurt (a small container) should work fine. Use 2 tablespoons full for a quart, and so on for larger amounts.

1) Heat the milk up in a pot until...

2) can keep your smallest finger in the milk for 10 seconds without burning it

3) In a small bowl (that holds about 2 cups) add two tablespoons of live yogurt and beat it until smooth. Slowly add to this starter one cup of the milk from the pot stirring slowly until combined. A whisk works well to combine the two smoothly.

4) Transfer this mixture (in #3 above) to the pot of warm milk, slowly pouring it into the pot while mixing the pot of milk the whole time to combine thoroughly.

5) Pour into glass containers and seal them.

6) Arrange the containers together and surround with 2 to 3 towels keeping them in a warm place of the house. Let them sit overnight.

7) In the morning, place them in the refrigerator and they will get cold. Yogurt is done.

8) Do a dance! Or some yoga!

I hope this works out. I make yogurt often and sometimes it doesn't work, or "yog". But, is still tasty made into smoothies with fruit.

Ursula said...

This is exactly how the yogurt machine is working. You take 1 yoghurt. There are 6 little glasses with a lit in the machine. I share the yoghurt, put milk on it. The machine heats everything a bit and overnight the yoghurt is ready. It's done very quickly. It's surely a bit more expensive to buy a yoghurt. I don't do it and so I don't need this machine.


Ann said...

Now, even if you do do it you don't need the machine. Ha!

Kind regards,