Thursday, October 21, 2010

It belongs to yoga.....

It belongs to yoga....

1. It's healthy food. Yep. I never do a diet, a fast or a cleansing. I always get back to eat healthy food. Then it might take a bit longer till I have my favourite weight again, but it also lasts. Birthday parties, restaurant visits, monthly cycles are part of my life. What can I do? I don't want to live in the caves of the Himalaya. Yesterday I prepared a healthy salad for myself, something lively, something raw. Rooooaaaaaar.
My practices shall become easier again, they are easier with a bit less kilos on my ribs.

2. It's space clearing. Yoga as I do it now is time-consuming (90 min a day and commuting and bathing afterwards). I don't think that it is too much to move the body 90 min every day. Our modern life is unhealthy. We sit in chairs at desks often longer than 8 hours. Nevertheless this time for the body and the mind must be created. I work on it for years, it's an ongoing process. My life shall become easier, I need less stuff. This surely will help me not to have the feeling all the time that there is time pressue. Yesterday I threw away perhaps 20 pens. I didn't test if they still write or not. To have more than 100 pens is too much. Point. The video player that I haven't used in years is back at my parents home. Sigh. This space clearing process goes on today. New things shall happen in my life. I create the space first.

Primary today. I'll practice full vinyasa, I need strength.
In the "Yoga mala" by P. Jois is described what full vinyasa is. Thanks for buying via my blog.

A simple and healthy life, that's it. No, this is not boring.


OldBoy said...

This is really goo d for health.I would definitly make a note of this..Fibres are good for health in day to day life where we consume lots of junk foods.

Marina J said...

It is good for health. But there is nothing called an 'ideal diet' as such. But a balanced diet is always preferred and recommended. A preferred meal for any yogi is Lacto-vegetarian food. This includes whole-grain cereals, wheat-germ, gram flour, oilseeds, vegetable oils, nuts, roots, green and fresh vegetables, fresh and dry fruits, honey, sugar, milk, ghee, butter, sweet buttermilk, sweet curd and germinated grams.
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