Friday, October 08, 2010


Today I got so important feed-back by M. It will help me a lot. It's about the breathing, mainly inhaling. When the body is in a relaxed position, it's relatively easy to breathe deeply. When pressure is on the body mainly on the chest as it is in many asanas (back bending asanas i.e.), deep  inhaling can become a challenge. A deep breath is always a support. I'm working now on my inhaling (deep and even) when I'm in a back bending position. I try to prolong it (counting till 7, so far I count till 5). It means that I have to start slower with the inhaling. I already realized that  the breath becomes softer then. It's difficult. It will take some time.....

Perhaps I have time to take some pictures of the exercises that I will do.
Time for pranayama has come.
This shall help me to come up from urdhva dhanurasana.

The breath is the secret.

PS: It's weekend. I saw the movie "Social network". It's worth seeing it.


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