Monday, October 04, 2010

"Headstands are easy."

"Headstands are easy," yogi M told me the last time after the Mysore class. That's good, I thought, if M thinks they are easy, they must be easy. This approach helped me today to have the courage to do at least 3 of the headstands of the second series: mukta hasta sirsasana A and B and baddha hasta sirsasana B.

The challenge is to go out of these positions: I had to go from mukta hasta sirsasana B to A and then direct into chaturanga dandasana. This means that I stand on my head only for a fracture of a second. M recommended to put a blanket under my head because of this. It helps to make it all a bit softer.  The headstands aren't easy. I have to bring the hands in the correct position (mukta hasta sirsasana A) very very fast.
Strength in the arms can always compensate lack of balance when doing headstands. I work on both. Oh, I felt challenged this morning. Most interesting was how my first approach "headstands are easy" helped me to do it. Yes, these headstands are doable (but not easy). Best is to think they are easy, this makes them easier.
Thursday I want to film a bit again........I want to see myself doing them.

Ashtanga yoga as it is:

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denise said...

dear ursula,
you think is possible to do headstand at 50, as I 'am?
for the moment I practice only sarvangasana, but I was wondering if in the future I could try the headstand. I was a little afraid reading the comment a yogi friend do in your post yesterday, he told that is very dangerous. what do you think? I know anyway I should wait until I'm stronger to try the headstand. I will appreciate your opinion. thank you!