Saturday, October 09, 2010

A day off?

Oh, I have a lot of plans.
The mind is fast and jumps from one action to the other.
The body is slower and hesitant.
It's already afternoon.
And soon it will be late afternoon and then evening. I know already how fast this can go.

We took a taxi to get home yesterday from the Italian restaurant. What a glorious decision.
It's amazing what a bath with Jasmine salt can do. It relaxed every cell of my body this morning. It rebuilt me.

To stroll around is what we will do this afternoon. The English garden is waiting for us with all these orange, red and green leaves that can be seen during autumn.
Fresh air for my lungs - what a gift for a breathing junkie like me.

And this evening I will say again. Nothing was done, but I had a fantastic day.

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