Thursday, October 14, 2010

The body.....

I had an excellent second series yesterday. Nevertheless I will practice primary today.
*I usually add a few asanas of the second series like eka pada sirsasana (before supta kurmasana).
*And I add pincha mayurasana before sirsasana.
*Side split is also an asana that I add.

I will also practice full vinyasa, because it feels good.

It feels so good to have a strong and flexible body. Yesterday I was downtown. All the people had to take some steps because the escalator was out of order. I liked to take the steps. I see how people crawl up the steps. A step is not an effort for me. I feel strong. My body can also move freely, because my body is flexible. This gives me a feeling of liberty. I like to move.
My body is not a burden, but a source of pleasure.
Let's move.

Time to practice: I'll start again with the CD by Sharath. That way it's easier for me to start.

Thank you for buying your amazon products via my blog. It's always a joy for me to see when I sold something.


algarahuss said...

I like your attitude! A strong body is liberating, what a wonderful way to look at physical practice and health.


denise said...

You are always inspiring! I read something today and I remember what you say in your post: "beautiful young people are accidents of nature, but beautiful old people are works of art" (Eleanor Roosevelt), and I guess it is really true. Is nice to get older and feel strong and good!

Ursula said...

Thank you algarahuss.
Thank you denise.

It's important to move our bodies, daily. :)

Happy days.