Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Becoming essential

To enjoy the weather, that's it. It's a wonderful autumn here. One day is more beautiful than the other day. It's cold and sunny here, simply perfect.

I'm busy decluttering. Stuff is coming in, it also has to go. Life must become easier. What I do not use must go. This morning it was a lipstick that had to go. A good start. I hope that E allows me to throw away this orange soccer ball without air. The skier have to go, too. I never used them and it's likely that I won't use them in the future. I like to walk, I like to do Ashtanga yoga, I like to sweat in the sauna, but I won't walk on skiers. I even like to go by bicycle. I must be consequent.

A year is over now. A wonderful year. I only did what I wanted to do. Hahaha, it's even true. Now I become nervous. Money must come in again. I've not earned 100 USD so far in one year. No lack was felt. But now I'm getting nervous. Very nervous. This gives me energy.
I know that it is always good to create a vacuum. I need clarity. My decluttering activities make sense.

Yesterday I went to the steps in front of the Glypthotek. Many people were sitting there, mainly students. A man was playing his guitar. Some were playing with their mobile phones. The sun warmed my face, I leaned my head against the step behind me. Thoughts came up. These are nothing nothing but thoughts, I thought. Thoughts are thoughts and not the truth. Knowing this, is such a relief. Everything will happen, I don't have to do anything. Stress is not necessary.
Ah, it's not easy to think this in a convincing way.

I will practice in the afternoon second series. Ashtanga yoga IS time-consuming. It's for my health and my beauty. But it is so time-consuming. As I do it now, it's a life-style. How long can I afford to spend so much time with it. Or is it, that I cannot afford not to do it?

Currently reading a book by Mike Nelson.

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Anonymous said...

I'm fairly new to Ashtanga (a few months) and yoga in general (bit of Bikram) but I have certainly noticed that a lot of the 'hardcore' yogis I see in the studio don't seem to work, or work very little, or are some sort of freelance types, or ladies who lunch (gulp!). Sadly this reinforces the stereotype that yoga is for middle-class westeners who can afford not to work. Personally (as a newbie, certainly not hardcore)getting up at 6:00 AM or earlier when I have a whole day to face at work is really impractical. So practice is moved to the evening, with the consequents perils of 'what if something gets in the way'

In an ideal world we would spend all day doing things we enjoy - I would read, do yoga, bake, sleep as much as I need to - but unfortunately bills have to be paid and sometimes something has to give.

Quentin said...

Middle class westerners are hardcore capitalists, hard working people, independent, God fearing people, charitable and seek friends throughout the world, especially yoga friends who practice daily. If you love it, it is easy to get up at 4:30 to get the daily ashtanga yoga practice, or find time during the day or night. All is coming with the yoga practice, even becoming prosperous. I teach led class 6 times per week-Ashtanga Yoga for Life.

Ursula said...

I used to get up at 5am when I worked for the corporate world in order to practice Ashtanga yoga in the morning. It's doable.

I've heard that Sharath starts his practice at 2am in order to practice before teaching.

Important is to establish a practice step by step. It's worth it.

Happy practices to both of you.

joy suzanne said...

Your photography and your de-cluttering inspired me today! I always enjoy a visit to your blog, Merci Ursula..


Ursula said...

Thank you joy. Decluttering (I fear) will be part of my life till the end. It is liberating.


Anonymous said...

I wonder if then only 'morning' people can be real Ashtangi, because there's no way that I can get up at 4:30 and then not collapse on my desk by 10:00 a.m. There are morning people and afternoon people and maybe as someone who is more productive in the afternoon, I just don't stand a chance.

Ursula said...

It's a habit to get up early. I considered myself a night owl, but I changed. Of course it is important to go to bed at a decent time. I need 7 hours of sleep minimum.

Start slowly. Do a few sun salutation first. Then prolong your practice step by step. Only if you wish of course......:)
Too often we limit ourselves because we have concepts of ourselves. To explore this concepts from time to time might be enlightened....happy practices, whenever they happen.

Brittany said...

I often forget to enjoy the weather! I love October weather and wish I would remember to enjoy it more often

Ursula said...

Enjoy the weather. I like to walk i.e. Then I feel the weather.
Have a good day. Ursula