Monday, September 13, 2010

Urdhva dhanurasana and dristhis

Three more days here in paradise. I got my coffee and I realized that the weather is sunny, warm and windy again.

Back to the drishtis: My friends Cara and Susananda left important comments. Both studied in India with the masters. I learned that drishti is the nose when doing back bending. It's good because this is easy to remember.
Upward facing dog was discussed especially. Is it now an exception or not? I think it makes sense to look to the third eye. Why? When practicing sun salutation the drishti alters between third eye and nose. Chaturanga is nose, then comes upward facing dog. To lift up the eyes a but feels good.
Btw, both ladies have fantastic blogs. Click on the names and here we go.

When at home I'll check the bibles in addition:
Yoga mala by P. Jois and Ashtanga yoga by P. Jois and Lino Miele.

I must take advantage of the warm weather here. I practice second series again, with focus on back bending. Repetition, deep breathing and visualization shall help......:)

Yoga mala by P. Jois:

This book is also a must-have for every Ashtanga practitioner.
Thank you for buying it via my blog.


susananda said...

Thank you Ursula! I should clarify that I haven't been to India yet, I'm just repeating what my teacher learned there :)

Ursula said...

Thanks for the additional info.

Shrimata Sharan said...

Hari Om,

In my study with the Bihar School of Yoga the physical awareness is focused on relaxing the spine and the spiritual awareness manipura chakra, or keshatram of belly button. Dristhi is ajna as we actively draw up through the throat.

Jay Shiv Shakti