Sunday, September 12, 2010

Back bending asanas and drishtis

Drishti is the nose, when doing matsyasana. I realized that I have the tendency to look upward when I move my head backwards. Then I often frown the front. A relaxed face shall be my focus today. Before my practice I'll check the correct drishtis for the back bending asanas.

Dristhis for the back bending asanas of the second series (middle part):
Shalabasana: nose
Bhekasana: nose
Dhanurasana: nose
Parsva dhanurasana: upwards
Ushtrasana: third eye
Laghu vajrasana: third eye
Kapotasana: third eye
Supta vajrasana: nose
Urdhva dhanurasana: third eye

Other back bending asanas:
Urdhva mukha svanasana: third eye
Uttana padasana: third eye
Matsysana: nose

Except in parsva dhanurasana the gazing point is never upwards. It's either the nose or the third eye.

I will practice second series today. The weather is again perfect: warm and windy. It invites me to do the deep back bending and forward bending asanas.

I reflect how to improve my back bending asanas. To hold them longer and to repeat them could be an idea. I have the feeling that back bending became worse since I have no adjustments anymore. Patience is necessary.

The source of the information was the webside of a German yogi. Click on German yogi and you'll find a great Asthanga page.

IMPORTANT COMMENTS: Thank you ladies, Cara and susananda. Drishti is the nose when doing back bending!!!


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C.K. said...

Dear Ursula,

Where are you getting these Dristis?
I believe that they are all the nose, except for Upward-Facing Dog.

My info is from 1. Twelve months studying with the Guru, and 2. Astanga Yoga by Lino Miele.

Om Shanti,


susananda said...

It's nose now for upward dog too, so says my authorised teacher who just came back from the 2nd series TT in mysore.. all backbending asanas, drishti = nose (and she is strict about it, in upward dog too).

I think the third eye drishti in backbends went by the wayside because it tends to make people tense their neck.