Monday, September 27, 2010

To be mentally strong

To be mentally tough can mean many things:

Close your eyes first and reflect: what does it mean for you to be mentally tough?

- It can also mean to stay positive when meeting people who tend to express negative thoughts.
- It can mean to practice patience.
- It can mean to learn to focus on the breath during a yoga practice that lasts 90 min.
- It can mean to stay positive when facing setbacks.
- It can mean to start new habits.
- To trust helps to be mentally strong.
- Positive self-talk is important as well: Instead of thinking an asana is not possible due to age, stiffness or whatever, one can start thinking the classic sentence by P. Jois: Practice and all is coming.
- Visualization supports mental toughness.
- Sleeping well supports mental toughness.
- Focusing on solutions not on problems makes a person stronger.
- Action.

Ashtanga yoga also exercises the mind: visualization, thinking positive, trusting, focusing on the breath are exercises that makes us mentally strong, it can all be applied during our daily practice.
And now I'm mentally strong enough to make the first small step on the mat in order to greet the sun. It's even shining today.

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My list is influenced by the book by Jon Gordon:

Many methods that help to be succesful in other areas, also help to develop a yoga practice.


James said...

Yoga is what makes you a mentally strong person as it controls our mind and directs it to right direction.I have been going to yoga classes and have gained mental peace as well as sound health.

Shabari Girish said...

You have very well explained the benefits of yoga; Yoga is a more than 5000 year old science. It helps you to become more aware of your body condition. Yoga is extremely therapeutic for health disorders and also it makes the body more flexible and relaxed. Everyone should practice yoga and get benefits from it, selecting proper yoga mat and other yoga equipments is also very important.

mattress author said...

This blog is just a bunch of adverts. Why do you do that? I would not read it because of that.