Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sometimes I wish....

Sometimes I wish you'd know how much effort I have to put in taking pictures in order to have a presentable result.

Ralph, no these are not the legs of E. My E has hairy soccer legs. Hahahahaha. These are the legs of the cleaning woman in Natal, Brazil.
Eljaylz1493,the film, me doing baddha konasana is coming, sometimes watchers have to be patient, too.

I'm up, sipping coffee. The winter season has started. Our teacher M is back from his summer break. I maintained a nice self-practice during that summer. Practicing in a group will surely intensify my practice.
Ah, I'm craving for the back bending adjustments.

The advantages when practicing in a group:
- flow arises more easily
- adjustments
- energy of the group supports the own practice
- time is limited, after the class yoga is done. Afterwards time is available for all the other chores and tasks every citizen has to do.
- to see and to chat with my fellow yoginis and yogis is surely also one of the advantages of practicing in a class.

Time to move on: second coffee, a little breakfast, shower, packing my bag.....waking up E.

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Tasneem R said...

That's correct . Practicing in a class gives much better results then practicing alone . Besides the other benefits which you get when you practice in class. Socially you become more active and that way you make more friends , you have that extra energy to do yoga when you see your fellow classmates doing it.

Ursula said...

Thanks for your comment.

To meet my yogi and yogini friends is surely another reason why I love to go to classes. They were (almost) all gathered together again today. What a wonderful happening we had.....

Happy practices to you, too.

Bettina said...

Love the pic :-)

Ursula said...

Hi Bettina,
This picture makes me laugh, too. Only 10 sec are long enough to walk through...hahahahaha.