Saturday, September 11, 2010

Setu bandhasana

Setu bandhasana is the last asana of the middle part of the first Asthanga series. Years ago this pose was not at all a pose that I liked. I went into that pose and after one breath I had enough. All my weight was on my neck.
When I was in India two years ago I experienced a surprise. I wanted a yogini to take a picture of me when I practiced this pose. I was able to do this pose and to hold it rather long. "Wow", I thought, "how comes this?" The reason: I got strong.
 (Click on the above link when you like to see the old shala in India, Gokulam, where the picture was taken. It's not the very old shala, but the shala that is opposite to the current one.)

In my opinion strength is needed in that asana. The feet must press into the floor, the legs are engaged. Engage also the buttocks and bring the hips up.
When primary is done correctly strength is build.
1. During the standing poses i.e. the leg muscles shall be engaged.
2. So it is when doing the sitting asanas,
3. Doing full vinyasa makes the body strong, too.

(To engage the muscles does not mean to engage them as much as possible, but 50%)

"Prepare", Sharath says on his CD.
- In the beginning I played a bit around where to pose the outside of the feet. How close shall I bring them to the body.
- I lift up the chest as far as possible to pose the top of the head on the floor and with an inhaling the body lifts up.

When doing this pose correctly the weight of the body is not only on the neck.

......yes, and then after some time you'll like this asana, too.

Your experiences with this asana are welcomed, feel free to comment if you like.

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C.K. said...

Dear Ursula,

I believe that Setu Bandasana is the last pose in primary series.

Backbends and the closing sequence are done after all six series.

Primary series begins with Uttitha Hasta Padangustasana, and ends with Setu Bandasana, the way I understand it.

The sun salutations and the fundamental standing poses (through Parsvattonasana) are done before all six series.

Om Shanti,


Ursula said...

Dearest Cara,
I agree 100%.
Have I written anything else?
Namaste and greetings from Brazil


Ann said...

Hi Ursula,

Thanks for the in depth on this pose. I am quite far from it, but am still interested.

I think a better way to describe those muscles is "buttocks".

I'm glad you're having such a great time in Brazil.


Ursula said...

Hi Ann,
Thank you for the elegant vocabulary.

And take your time......the Ashtanga poses are demanding.

Yep, Brazil is fantastic, light-hearted, warm, friendly.