Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Repetition, repetition, repetition

I will celebrate it with an outcry when finally my fingers will touch my toes. Kapotasana this deep back bending pose has the potential to drive me crazy. One day the circle will be closed, I know this and then this pose is mine. By now the finger only try to approach the feet.

Again and again my fingers crawled on the floor towards the feet this early afternoon. I stopped when it seemed as if no further inch was possible. Then I pressed the shinbones against the floor and what a miracle the head could move a bit further to the legs again. This was the sign for the fingers, too. They also managed to get a tiny bit closer. I breathed deeply and relaxed on my knees with a vertical body after that hard work.

I took a break, and tried it again. I know it works. Repetition is everything. I have no clue how close my fingers walked to the feet. This early afternoon I had a lot of energy to give my best. It felt excellent.

It's raining now, but I am sure that tomorrow the sun will shine again. I'll have again the perfect weather for a last second series in Brazil. My fingers will crawl again to the feet as if nothing else is important.

What else: It's our last evening in Natal. At 10pm we'll go out for a late dinner with our friend J. It will be an Italian restaurant this evening, because it's close to the hotel and good.

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Ashtanga yoga as it is:

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Jayney3210 said...

I'm sure you'll get there eventually. "Practice & Persistence." This post reminds me of what my teacher was saying in class last week. He was talking about how you should "feel" the postures rather than be concerned about what they look like. What stays in my mind the most is "don't serve the poses, let the poses serve you"