Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Remembering the details

Mysore class this morning was much better than expected. Finally I have my back bending adjustments again in kapotasana and urdhva dhanurasana. This makes me optimistic that these poses improve.
Practicing in a group gives energy, this is so amazing.

I remembered the details which are in fact important till the end:
- Bandhas are engaged till the end,mula bandha and uddyjana bandha.
- I focused especially on the drishti when I practiced back bending. It's mainly the nose, it's not looking upwards. This is a concentration exercise
- When practicing shoulderstand the eyes are not closed or look around, drishti is the nose.
- Also uddjay breathing is applied till the end, also during the closing sequence and padmasana.
- I engaged the muscles.

I started the practice with my fellow yoginis, but I needed more time. Second series needs more time (first series has 20 asanas in the middle part, second series has 27 asanas).
Tomorrow I'll practice primary. My focus shall be jumping through (forward and backwards).

Full vinyasa is good, it gives me strength. A challenge is not to take breaks between the asanas when being in standing position. Additional breaths only postpone the next challenge. Flow means to go on, each breath a movement except when performing an asana. Ah, all these aspects together make this Ashtanga practice really exciting.

So, the nap this afternoon was relaxing, too. Time to move on........

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