Monday, September 06, 2010

A relaxed attitude

When I discovered yoga 30 years ago relaxation was programme. We put our body in an asana and there we remained. It seemed to me that it was an eternity till we should move our bodies again only to do another asana, also incredible long. Not to move, not even the eyes, not to scratch was important. Those who couldn't be motionless showed that they were beginners. Nothing counted but to be still. The world could be shaken around us, we wouldn't move. Nothing touched our minds, nor our bodies, nothing was important, but to be in an asana and to be still. To be relaxed towards what's going on inside and outside was topic.

Practicing Ashtanga yoga I am confronted with my ambitious side. I want to do this pose and that pose. I plan how to accomplish this. Where is the relaxation, I wonder? Is the relaxation the 10 min at the end when I am in savasana, when I am exhausted?
1. A relaxed attitude in Ashtanga yoga comes slower but it comes. And it comes from a different side. Day in day out I see the ups and downs when I practice. One day my body is bendy, the other day not. With time it is no more so important how it was. Important remains that a practice happened. This is what a relaxed attitude is.
2. A relaxed attitude also develops when the mind observes what's going on on the mat.
3. Relaxation happens when the mind observes the breath.

I had an excellent practice.
The wall was close, but I was in handstand rather long without touching the wall. E and the cleaning woman admired me. I had balance today.
I was in headstand for 3 min. I set the timer.
My practice was slow, but without breaks. I loved it to practice, I enjoyed every minute. The heat, the fresh breeze makes every practice special.

Time to go to the beach.


A great book. I'd say, if you consider yourself a passionate Ashtanga yoga practitioner, you need that book. Thank you for buying it via my blog.


Cory said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I haven't read everything on it, but I've just embarked on my home practice. I'm struggling with the waking up early and getting out of bed to practice.

Thank you :), for sharing.

Ursula said...

Hi Cory,
It's all doable. When getting up early becomes a habit, it's easier.
And it's worth practicing in the morning.
I'm sure you'll manage it.
Feel inspired from my blog.

Happy practices. Ursula