Tuesday, September 07, 2010


It is so easy said that it is relaxing when focusing on the breath, but is this really true?

1. Focusing the thoughts on the breath, listening to the uddjay breathing usually does not allow a lot of further thoughts. Surely there are a lot of relaxing thoughts, too. To imagine myself in my bath tub with sandal wood salt is a relaxing thought. But often we do not have relaxing thoughts: We want to improve the current situation, we worry about our jobs, the future. Perhaps we are angry about people and these thoughts are not so relaxing. To focus on the breath can therefore be a relief. Thoughts are nothing else but thoughts, not the truth, but usually we take our thoughts very seriously. To let them go to get back again and again observing the breath can be experienced as a relief.

2. Simply by observing the breath, the breath becomes usually deeper. It is not even necessary to alter it consciously, it alters simply by observing it. A deeper breath brings more oxygen to the blood, this is good for the entire organism.

3. The breath reflects our feelings. When we feel fear we usually hold our breath i.e. To breathe deeply and evenly calms down. It reflects a relaxed attitude.

I am ready for a relaxed practice. I'm looking forward to it.
Last night it rained, but it has stopped already. It's always warm here. I'm looking forward to another day in Brazil.

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namasteyoga said...

Hi Ursula!
Yes one can attain the state of being relaxed by practicing breathing exercises like Pranayama. As you have mentioned in your post when we start taking deep breathe, fresh oxygen enters into our lungs and thus it clears the harmful toxins. You have very nice described the whole process.

I also came across to this when one of my friend told me about an ancient practice which is quite similar to yoga rather based on yoga itself. And he teaches it to his students in Bodop , he is a professional yoga teacher. I myself got the similar experience after doing yoga. Hope to read many great post on your blog in future!

God bless you :)