Saturday, September 25, 2010

Primary today

I'm sipping my first coffee, I know I need another one.
It's Saturday. As I haven't practiced yesterday, I want to practice today. It will be primary. During the weekend I won't have time for another practice. We drive to my parents home to the birthday party of my mother. (Please Gods, don't let me eat too much.)

Time is limited also today, but this turned out to be something positive. Too much time seduces me sometimes to dawdle and to make breaks. Consequent I have to practice when I know that I have 90 min available only. E is still sleeping. I will practice without the CD of Sharath and without music. My breath will be the only sound that will be heard.

The breath shall also be my focus.
Lately I also gave a lot of energy to the vinyasa, the jumping forward and jumping backwards. Both is done with 2 breaths: Inhaling, pause, exhaling.
Jumping forward from downward dog: I go on the balls of my feet, I look forward. The inhaling initiates the jump. The weight moves to the hands, knees bend, legs cross. Pause. With the next exhaling my crossed legs move through my arms. Bandhas! I stretch the legs or bring them in the position of the next asana. The body shall be under control.
Jumping backwards from sitting position: With an inhaling I lift up the legs, I bend the knees and I bring the crossed legs as close as possible to the upper body. With the exhaling I move them through the arms. So far a foot is touching the floor. Important adjustment: I take care now that it is the ball of the foot that is touching the floor. That way the legs are higher and it makes it easier to jump back.
Important: The feet point forward, not sidewards. This is my new insight.

Forward jumping needs a lot of balancing skills and strength.
Backward jumping needs even more strength. That's how I experience it.

I will practice the series with full vinyasa as it feels better. When I am in samasthithi again I silently speak the name of the asana. To know the names of the asanas is part of the game. It's an exercise for the mind.

Pictures help me so much to correct myself: Feet are supposed to be parallel when doing urdhva dhanurasana. Somehow they always drift outwards.

Time to step on my mat.

Gregor Maehle:

This book is full of tips. Buy it and enjoy it.


TheVeganAsana said...

Thanks for the information on how you do the jumps forward and back. While my yoga practice has evolved immensely, I'm still struggling with this element that seems simple enough.

Ursula said...

Me, too. I think I will make it a topic more often. Visualization helps me a lot.
Good luck with the flight.

shaheel said...

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OldBoy said...

Hi can u give me yoga sessions?

Ursula said...

You get to the point, me too.
Yes, next time when I'll be in India. :)

whenpenmeetspaper said...

Hi, your yoga looks amazing. At what age did you start practising and why yoga?I did a beginners class before and I stopped because the instructor went too fast (as in the pace of the poses, didn't feel calm nor peaceful at all the pace). It's been a year and I'm returning to yoga once again. With a different instructor of course.

Ursula said...

Ashtanga yoga I discovered when I was 44 years old.

It's surely important to find the right teacher.
My recommendation: start also a home practice.