Friday, September 10, 2010

Primary today

The weather is too good for yoga here in Brazil: it's warm and the wind refreshes me from time to time. I will practice tomorrow, too, even though it is Saturday. Every day is a good day for a yoga practice.

I did full vinyasa. To start again and again from samastithi feels very good. I make no breaks here. When at home again I'll switch off my PC when I practice. My Internet access brings too much distraction for me. To practice one asana after the asana is the best. Some breaths between the asanas are good when I need some relaxation, but to stop practicing and to start again and again is simply also too time consuming.

To practice 90 min every day shall be enough time, that I spend on my yoga practice.

Oh, I have some mosquito bites that force me to focus on the breath even off the mat. Deep inhaling, deep exhaling........

Picture: marichyasana B

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Quentin said...

picture is marichyasana-B rather than C....

Oz said...

Hey Ursula, I just posted one of the pictures from your asana blog. I hope you do not mind. Have a lovely vacation! The holiday+ yoga pictures are amazing, and here is the post

Love, Oz

Ursula said...

Thank you Quentin, how could I....hahahha, I correct it. :)

Ursula said...

Thank you Oz for mentioning my blog in such a nice way.
Feel free to use this picture.

Happy practices.