Sunday, September 05, 2010

Primary today

The weather is so helpful. It is really warm here 27° Celsius, but there is the wind that dries the sweat. I had an excellent practice. Slowly I practiced. Why not.

I did full vinyasas. It feels so much better than half vinyasas.

Full vinyasa means to begin the asanas of the middle part always from standing position "samastithi". It is written down in the book by Sri K. Patthabi Jois i.e. how this goes. Asthangis need that book, I mean this is the bible!!!

I set the timer when I did sirsasana: 3 min I wanted to be in headstand. It was easy, I had found a balanced position. Funny was the wind, but it couldn't make me wobbling. Soon I'll set the timer for 4 min. It's really doable. I counted when I am up so that it is not that boring......

It's beach time again. Today is Sunday and we were told that everybody who could walk will be at the beach today. It's a must for us to go too.

Yoga mala:

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Shakti yoga studio said...

keep on practicing!I love sirsasana too!
Kisses from an Anusara friend!
check out my blog too if you wish!

Ursula said...

Kisses back,

I checked your blog. Nice pose btw.

I wanted to leave a comment. I should know where to click, but I clicked ont he wrong word and I didn't like to search.
Switch to English when you like comments.
Happy blogging.....:)

Kapotasana will still take some time, minimum a year.....
Greetings from Brazil.