Wednesday, September 22, 2010


The details, the details, the details: today I refound the blog by Alan Little, who travelled to Mysore in 2001 in order to study Ashtanga yoga with P. Jois. He was one of the first who blogged about this trip. It's really interesting to read.

He also wrote about a conference with P. Jois in that blog. Padmasana is performed differently. The knees  are supposed to be close together when doing baddha padmasana and yoga mudra. Otherwise the knees are more far apart. I will observe this the next time. The next time is tomorrow.

We (E and myself) just came home from strolling around. We saw the moon, it seemed to be full. Finally I know why no practice happened today, it was the moon who prevented me from stepping on the mat. Secretly of course. Hahaha. I feel good with it. After the last two horrible practices a day off felt good. I do miss the Brazilian weather, it was so supportive.

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Yoga Mala:


Shanna said...

Hmmm...I don't understand what you mean knees closer in. Are you talking about as a way to facilitate the bind?


Ursula said...

If you put the feet higher on your thighs, the knees automatically are closer together. That way it is easier to catch the toes with the hands while the arms are crossed behind the back.

I hope I could express myself.
Perhaps the original text helps to understand it. It's linked. click on Alan Little and you'll find it.