Wednesday, September 15, 2010

One more day in Brazil

The sun will keep my body soft, the wind will dry my sweat. As predicted the weather is perfect again for a last practice here in Brazil on the terrace of this hotel. It will be second series with the deep back bending asanas, the heart-opening asanas.

I will have my last caipphifrutta today.
A last time I will walk on the beach. How I will miss that.

But there is still a day to enjoy. Till midnight it's still some time....

Picture: Purvottanasana, the second asana of the middle part of the first series. Is this pose a back bending pose????
Looking at the picture, I think it is a back bending asana, as the chest is open and not protected like in all the forward bending asanas. Bettina I think you are right, it's back bending.
Ashtanga yoga as it is:

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