Wednesday, September 08, 2010

On the way to the beach.....

We walked to the beach and then I saw this hat at a stand. I had to try it on. I liked it, it fitted, so the salesman wanted to make an additional sale and showed a Brazilian soccer T-short to E. I looked at the man and said: We are from (pause) GERMANY. He understood at once, he laughed, I laughed, E laughed. He knew we would never ever buy a Brazilian soccer t-shirt. He showed the two thumbs downwards and we all laughed again. But I bought the hat for a special price, of course.

People are so friendly here. Even though we do not speak Portuguese everything is done to understand us and to fulfill our special wishes. Nobody becomes impatient. Somehow I get always vegetarian food. Seafood and meat is offered here everywhere. But I get noodles with tomato sauce, vegetables, vegetarian burrito and so much more.I drink juices now, fresh pineapple juice is fantastic, i.e..
Oh, it is expensive here, to eat out is more expensive than in Munich. We eat once a day at about 3pm, this is enough for the rest of the day.

Vegan passport:

Get one for yourself. It's worth to have it.

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