Thursday, September 09, 2010

Never give up too early.....

Picture: It looks better now, the front is not frowned, dristhi is the third eye. It's difficult to do this, it's a concentration exercise. It IS important to have  a relaxed face and not to frown the front. Taking picture helps me a lot to correct myself, I can only recommend it.

Never give up too early: I didn't believe it, it was so difficult to start. My body seemed to be stiff like never. Give yourself a day off, I heard an inner voice. Am I glad that I didn't listen too long to that inner voice and that I started focusing on the breath and nothing else. After this first difficult phase my body became bendier. Practice became a joy. Finally it was as if I had taken a drug. It was a great practice, with flow.

I did full vinyasa! It feels better.
I managed it to role only 5 times when I did garbha pindasana.
Three minutes I was in sirsasana, I had set the timer. It seemed to be long, but I could hold that pose that long.
Supta kurmasana felt great, too.
Yeah, I feel excellent now.

I am ready for the beach life.


Buy yourself a camera if you practice alone very often. it needn't to be a big one. My little one gives me 10 sec with the self-timer. My big one gives me 20 sec. This is enough to find out a lot of mistakes that can be improved quickly.
Thank you for fulfilling your material wishes via my blog. Hahahahaha.


Jocellyn said...

I absolutely love and adore your blog! I just started an ashtanga practice a few months ago and a vegetarian lifestyle. Your vegan blog gives me so many food ideas; I salivate over your simple salads <3 and your ashtanga blog is great! Hopefully my food and yoga blog will be as delight as yours :)

Ursula said...

Thank you so much, Jocellyn.

I wish you much fun with your blogs.