Monday, September 20, 2010

My flight plan for today....

Hahaha, the room mate in Brazil told us via our friend J that we were the cleanest guests that were at the hotel so far. The hotel exists since years already. We were also told that we are best organised guests they ever had. I thought: How might look the rooms of the other people then.
I look around here in our flat in Munich and I see mess. This gives me the schedule of the day: I must unpack my suitcase, I must do the laundry. This has priority among all the chores.
My reputation in Brazil as a clean and organized person motivates me.

Primary is on the schedule, too. I feel stiff. Already now. It's also fresh here (even though the sun is shining). This autumn weather won't help me to be super bendy. I will start with the CD by Sharath.
After a break of 3 days I have no expectations. Simply doing it, shall be enough.

Picture: It's taken in Lisboa, Portugal.

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