Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mission impossible: kapotasana

That's how kapotasana looks like in Sept 2010. How many years will it take till the finger touch the feet. Ah, this pose drives me crazy.

- I press the shinbones and the feet against the floor
- I walk my hands closer and closer
- I press the hands against the floor
- I breathe deeply
- I push the hips forward
- I open the chest as far as possible
- I don't give up.......hahahaha
- Drishti: it's the nose. It was too much, I didn't pay attention to the drishti........

(I admit it frustrates me that this pose develops sooooo sloooowwwly.)

I will practice second series as long as I will be here. The weather is too good. It supports my efforts.

Beach time again.......:)

Ashtanga yoga as it is:


Quentin said...

Me, too very similar to my version yesterday. Thanks for posting pictures. I am now using a camera with 10 second delay posting progress, too. This really helps.

Ursula said...

Hi Quentin,
Pictures helped me a lot. They motivate and they show all these tiny mistakes like hand position, relaxed face, and and and. A teacher cannot mention everything, this would be overteaching. Also here it is true: a picture says more than 1000 words.
Happy practices to you.

PS: The kapotasana pic was taken by E, so I had a bit more time than 10 sec. :)