Friday, September 10, 2010

Lost in translation

Pictures: A typical meal. Salad (in one of the restaurants), followed by mousse maracuj (in another restaurant called Rio) and a caiphifrutta (had the first one yesterday, but I'm sure it won't remain the last one).

OK I tell the story out of the life of a vegetarian person: Yesterday we were at a restaurant. I showed my vegan passpart with a smile to the waiter who came to us. He read page 50 of my vegan passpart, it is in Portuguese and tells exactly what I eat and what I don't eat as a vegan person (I am usually happy with vegetarian food when I travel, I am not so 100% either). People usually smile when they read it, while I feel a bit like an analphabet. He should recommend me something: Salad. It's mainly salad. But the waiter must have had the feeling that the waiter with some English knowledge should take our orders. Another waiter came. But it was salad too, that he recommended and I ordered salad. He has also read the Portuguese page. I repeated seriously and shook my head while talking: no meat, no fish. The question came: chicken? Me: no chicken. (very serious face now) I had a very good feeling that everything was clear. The salad came with a lot of sausage, cheese, eggs....What to say, hahahahaha. E put the sausage on another plate. He ate the eggs and I had my salad. The salad on the picture was before the real salad came. Or was it E's salad? Who knows. Who cares.

Ahhhh, the dessert, ahhhhh the caipphifrutta.


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JadeLD said...

I love the little creature on top of your caipphifrutta -what is that? And what is a caipphifrutta, does it still contain cachaca?

It's funny to read you vegan story, I have a friend who is vegetarian and she has the same thing. There seem to be some countries where they just don't understand the concept. A vegan passport is a great idea though - when it works!