Thursday, September 09, 2010

Lazy days in Natal, Brazil

To be lazy is an art.
We do nothing, having a late lunch does not count. Nothing means we stroll around. We watch surfers and youngsters playing soccer at the beach. I breath consciously. We walked to the Hemingway Bar when it became dark (6pm) to have a drink there. And again we looked at the sea. That's it.
E asked me if I liked to make the trip to the dunes. I don't need it. He does not need it either. It's enough for me to practice yoga in the morning, to eat something and to stroll around.  To smell and inhale the atmosphere at the beach is enough.
Must we travel so far for this? Yes!!!!!
The atmosphere is so light-hearted and friendly here. People are open. The weather is special. This mixture one does not find everywhere.
The tourists here are 99% Brazilians.

Tomorrow I'll practice primary and I am glad that it is "only" primary. I will do full vinyasa. Of course.
I wish you all a relaxed next practice, inhaling, exhaling, inhaling, exhaling.


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