Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The kids play soccer and I do my yoga practice

There are many possibilities to do outdoor activities here in Rio. The kids play soccer, some barfoot on cement floor. Jogging seems to be very popular, too.

And I do my yoga practice. Asthanga yoga requires a daily practice. More than 1 day off and the practice becomes difficult.
I still jet lag a bit, so I woke up at 5am, then I slept again for another 2 hours. Like yesterday I managed it to get a coffee for myself from the breakfast floor. This makes my blood flowing as I have low blood pressure. It prepares my body for another practice here. Second series is on the schedule.

It simply takes too much time to go to the Asthanga studio here. So I will practice in the hotel room.
I want to spend time with E. Our plan for today: To take a taxi to the Copacapana beach, from there we want to walk back to the hotel. Perhaps we can find the Columbo cafe how recommended by a reader and perhaps we can get a coconut drink how tanya recommended.

Again I see how good it is to have developped a home practice. To be able to step on my mat and to practice alone is a precious skill.
It can be started slowly with the sun salutations first. Better to do only this, than to do nothing. Then one can add one pose after the other. I love my solo practices.

There is no time to lose......

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