Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jet lag

It's only 5 hours difference to Brazil, but this makes THE difference. I still jet lag. I had difficulties to sleep in, even though I went to bed late, means 11pm. I didn't hear my alarm clock, which I had set at 6am. At 9am I was still sooooooo tired that I didn't find the way out of the bed. Now it's 10:30am. In Brazil it's 5:30am. I'm not amused that I get up so late, not at all. This jet lag makes a mess out of my day.

I need a second cup of coffee: strong and black, Jakobs Krönung.

Manduka yoga mat:

If you need a new yoga mat, or if you like a new yoga mat, go for quality, go for a Manduka. Thank you for buying your amazon products via my blog.


Anonymous said...

The jeg lag ... I know its horrible. I think it is easier to travel to a later time zone than an earlier one (traveling east versus west)..

Also, I bought a Manduka mat via Amazon, Ursula, and I love it. I bought the extra long one for my at home practices AND I can even do somersaults on it! (wink)


Ursula said...

Dearest Debb,
I know that you bought a Manduka via my blog and I am very happy that you like it...:)

Somersaults, does this mean you are up in headstand?????

Yeah, I need a week to be adjusted, but every day is better. E has no problems. Hahahaha.
Happy practices.....:)